DORI is a symbol of artisan and culinary excellence in organizing receptions and important events.  


Stefano Bianchini, born and raised in Florence, has been the company’s driving force and creative spirit since it was first established in 1996. His father was maître d'hôtel in important hotels and his mother was a cook for prestigious families. Stefano continues pursuing the family’s traditions. Years of experience have taught him the value of quality and the importance of fulfilling customers’ expectations by accurately handling all details in organizing personalized receptions and important events.

Stefano’s mother, Mrs. Dori, is a culinary trademark. She continues to share her expertise, culinary experience and talents creating exquisitely prepared dishes.

Dario Bianchini, Stefano’s oldest son, has decided to follow in the family’s footsteps and he represents the third generation involved in the family business. He started young and has progressed forward with enthusiasm and dedication. He intends to use his know-how and skills to help the business grow.
Our staff is an essential part of our success. They represent us with their professionalism, competence, dedication and courtesy. Our guests are in excellent hands.