"My family has been involved in catering for over 40 years, serving the best families in Tuscany and beyond.

After I committed myself to making each and every occasion an unforgettable event, I decided to dedicate myself to creating a more familiar personal relationship with my guests.


Officina Restaurant is born from the desire to transform my experiences, in something more tangible and less ephemeral, moving from the intense and violent emotion of a moment, to the sweet warmth of continuous delicacies.

My greatest desire was to continue my family’s culinary traditions and build on our vast experience to create a more permanent and long lasting reality.

Officina Restaurant is a place to enjoy both the excitement and energy of important occasions as well as to dine leisurely with family and friends.

My personal challenge was to be able to offer the same levels of high quality, hospitality and superior personalized service that catering can offer but on a daily basis at the pace of a restaurant."


Stefano Bianchini

Owner and creative leader